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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Marra Mamba is the most treasured variety of Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a magnificent looking gemstone with changeable silky luster, called Chatoyancy. Chatoyancy arises from the stringy structure of the tiger's eye quartz.

Tiger's eye is found in Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Burma, Canada, India and the United States. By far the largest deposits are quarried in the southern part of Africa.

A very unique kind of tiger’s eye is called Marra Mamba and is considered very rare. Another name for Marra Mamba is Australian tiger’s eye because it is only found in this country. The location is the Pilbara region in the North West of Australia: An area twice as big as the United Kingdom with the same amount of inhabitans as the town of Royal Leamington Spa, in Warwickshire.

The Marra Mamba is recognizable of its multiple color lusters. Unlike regular tiger’s eye it contains patterns of blue, red, yellow and green in one stone. It is hardly impossible to buy (original) Marra Mamba nowadays because the two deposits near Mount Brockman are mined out.

The Dalai Lama regularly wears a mala of Tiger Eye beads. The Dalai Lama is the most important spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism since 1578. Tiger’s Eye is a stone of strength, courage and power. It is also known for bringing luck and giving confidence and a positive attitude.

Red Tiger’s eye is known as “Dragon’s Eye or Bull’s Eye” and blue Tiger’s Eye is known as “hawk’s Eye or Falcon’s Eye.

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Tiger Eye pendant

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